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Turms - Complete Shoe Care Kit With Wood Case - Red

Turms has been producing smart shoe accessories since 1962. Designed to help you care for and maintain your footwear, this well-stocked kit comes complete with a shoe horn, both soft and hard-bristled brushes and a range of beeswax polishes. Ideal for gifting, it's housed in a handsome claret wood box that has been entirely handcrafted in Italy. Claret wood, leather handle (horse) - Contains four 75ml tins of black, brown, maroon and neutral shoe polish, a polishing glove, wooden shoe horn, two large soft-bristle brushes, two large hard-bristle brushes, a rubber shoe brush, two small polishing brushes, a lavender flower set, shoe deodorizer, suede protector and shampoo, a natural sponge - Comes with dust bag and presentation box - Made in Italy



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